The plans to add fluoride to Mount Gambier's water continues, but that's not deterring those against the State Government's plans

Anti-fluoride campaigners led a march through the Blue Lake City in a last attempt to de-rail the State Government's fluoridation plans.

About a hundred people joined the Saturday morning procession, voicing concerns the water supply will be poisoned and fluoride will cause harm to children and the local limestone environment.

Work to build a fluoride plant has started at the Blue Lake, with the State Government hopeful that fluoridation will happen in a few months.

But that doesn't deter the anti-fluoride campaigners.

"I don't care if anyone puts a little shed up by the Blue Lake," says Dr Andrew Harms, a dentist and former president of the Australian Dental Association.

"That tap can be turned off at anytime. (Fluoridation) is actually being withdrawn in many areas, it's not a modern idea, it's an idea from the 1950s and it's an unsafe idea."

Dr Harms says there's a risk the fluoride being added to the water could contain toxic chemicals, because he says it's a waste by-product from making fertiliser.

"If the science is safe, which I don't think it is, then the public officials should give us the courtesy of a public debate," he says.

"When we meet in open public debate, every time, the propaganda and the spin from these people, these fanatics, just dissipates…"

But the calls for a public debate haven't been met with Dr Harms, who helped develop the State's Dental Plan in the 1990s, saying there's been no consultation.

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