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Scientology's AVO

Reporter: Bryan Seymour
Broadcast Date: February 04, 2010

Scientology is lurching from controversy to the court room.

The cult has been in global panic mode ever since Today Tonight aired the stunning allegations tabled by Senator Nick Xenophon. Now, one of the men behind those allegations has found himself in court in a case described by one newspaper as "bizarre".

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Scientologist Sue Hunt is trying to get an Apprehended Violence Order, or AVO, against former member Aaron Saxton. Ms Hunt claims that during an anti-Scientology protest in Sydney in December, Mr Saxton bashed on her car window and put her in fear for her safety.

Lawyer Julie Veloskey told the court that the reason her Scientology client feared for her safety was because of the aggressive and threatening way that Aaron Saxton bashed on her car window.

Aaron Saxton told the court he did not even know who the woman was until a summons was served on him.

He was introduced to viewers two months ago. He joined a group of former Scientologists in revealing stunning, shocking claims of abuse, tabled by federal independent Senator Nick Xenophon.