Sydney Morning Herald

April 21, 2010 - 12:13PM

In just six months, Google received 155 requests from the Australian government for users' personal data and 17 government requests to remove content from its services.

Of those requests, which occurred in the six months to December 31 2009, it complied with just 52.9 per cent. Fourteen of the content removal requests relate to YouTube, while there were one each for Blogger, web search and maps (except Street View).

The search giant revealed the numbers, which do not include child porn removal requests, in a new online tool breaking down how often countries around the world ask the company to hand over user data or censor information.

The move comes after recent censorship battles between Google and the Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, who recently attacked the company over its strident opposition to the government's plans to censor the internet.

Google also recently baulked at Senator Conroy's request for it to apply the government's filtering policy to YouTube.

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