When: May 22nd (Saturday) at 12pm-4pm
Where: Outside Brisbane Central Station
(Corner Edward & Ann St)

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With the Federal Government putting Internet filtering legislation on the backburner we still need to show our opposition by providing the House of Representatives the petition, (which has already garnered 5,500+ signatures).

This petition will be tabled in Parliament late May, early June and will be officially on record (Hansard).

If you value freedom of speech on the Internet for all, especially those with controversial views and unpopular views then please join us in educating, informing and garnering support for this petition.

The issue is not only it's ineffectiveness but the civil liberty implications of a secretive blacklist where innocent material gets caught in the net of government censorship.

The question is: How much filtering will you accept before it's too late?

If your attending:

* Print off the petition, available here
* Bring a clipboard + pen
* Creative Signs
* Conroy Devil image for printup

Due to the governments plan to go ahead with imposing compulsory internet censorship on every Australian despite heavy opposition whether it be from the public or experts or businesses or online gamers, we are being ignored, this petition has been prepared, and will be tabled in Parliament to officially express our condemnation of the forthcoming legislation that imposes and infringes on our human rights and effects every user's experience online.

Every signatures counts, as a democratic country we have the right and therefore the responsibility to resist censorship. Please let me know if you are planning on collecting a large amount of signatures, please email me and introduce yourself, there may also be others I can connect you with in your area that are also passionate about helping to collect signatures for the petition.

Melissa Short