27 May, 2010 04:03 PM

Redland Times

Smoking in Redland's public places could become a lot harder under changes to local laws being considered by Redland City Council.

In the same week as Orange City Council in NSW introduced the toughest bans on smoking in public places, Redland council is assessing new powers from the State to restrict smoking in some public places, like bus stops and ferry terminals.

This Monday, May 31, is also World No Tobacco Day, and the Cancer Council Queensland is calling on local councils to create "smoke-free cities and towns".

The council's chief executive officer, Gary Stevenson, said Queensland Health still had overarching responsibility for regulating smoking in public places in Queensland.

"The council has a draft new local law, Jetties and Loading Ramps (Local Law 14) that proposes to ban smoking on council regulated jetties, but it should be noted that this local law is draft only and is not law at this time," he said.

NSW has different allocation of powers to enforce smoking bans.

From June, smoking within 70 metres of the Orange City CBD will be banned, including in a number of main shopping and pedestrian thoroughfares, outside council-owned buildings, carparks and playgrounds. A $110 fine can be issued on the spot to offenders.

For more information about current bans on smoking in public places, go to www.health.qld.gov.au/tobaccolaws

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