This is third week in a row getting signatures for the petition against the mandatory ISP-level internet filter here in Australia, Part II video-wise.

Once handed into the House of Representatives and the signatures collated and counter the relevant ministers, Senator Stephen Conroy being one of them, must respond within 90 days of notice.

We estimate around 8,500+ signatures have been gathered and certainly will send a message to Labor, Coalition, Greens, Family First and the Independents that we do not accept this mandatory ISP-level net filter.

Polls consistently show strong opposition to this proposed legislation. However like a true politician Prime Minister Rudd has deferred all unpopular policies until such time, we believe, that he wins re-(s)election and rams them through with a possible majority in the House of Reps and Senate.


Credit goes to Warrick Fraser for editing this film :P

HQ version: