Stop the Filter

Internet Filtering

House of Reps; 21st June, 2010: Hansard

To the Honourable The Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives:

We, the undersigned citizens draws to the attention of the House the forthcoming legislation to “implement compulsory filtering of the internet by ISP’s” in Australia and we hereby express our condemnation of this forthcoming legislation.

We believe:

• That having all internet users subjected to a secret and unaccountable blacklist is a completely unacceptable act and an infringement on our “Human Rights”

• that Australia already has laws in place preventing the possession of and viewing of child pornography and other criminal material.

• that the filter will not prevent those wishing to obtain such material and furthermore we believe that the millions of dollars that will be spent under this forthcoming legislation would be better spent in funding “The Australian Federal Police’s” efforts to investigate child pornography
rings and therefore prevent crimes against children from happening in the first place.

• That having an opt out blacklist rather than an opt in blacklist will impact many innocent websites and will cause a loss of profit for many businesses. In addition we condemn all efforts by government, corporations and the media that attempt to implement any restrictions on our inalienable human right to the free exchange of speech.

Your petitioners respectfully ask the house to repeal all legislative action concerning implementation of compulsory content filtering of the internet in Australia and strongly uphold
our fundamental human right to the free expression of ideas and opinions.

Presented by official Mrs Irwin MP on behalf of the principal petitioner Melissa Short (from 2,166 citizens)