Editors Note (MyCatbirdseat): Mrs Julia Irwin’s MP adjournment debate speech on 16th June, 2010 in the Australian Parliament and the Government minister Dr Craig Emerson’s shameful disassociation on behalf of the government at the conclusion of the adjournment debate.

If Craig Emerson’s comment reflects the Labor Party’s policy on this matter as Israel and its merciless treatment of the whole nation of Palestine is clearly reprehensible, then sadly the compromised parliamentarians both in Australia and in the US Congress is an indication that Israel has captured and is dictating the foreign policies of both countries and whereas one could once have expected an independent stance on matters of importance from Australia, such as the Middle East, this appears not to be the case.

Julia Irwin says a couple of very cogent and important things;

“But while nations’ leaders fail to act, responsible citizens throughout the world are beginning to take action.”


“When governments refuse to act in the name of civilised society to prevent gross abuses of human rights, we as individuals have a duty to act.”

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