Laurie Oakes confronts Julia Gillard over knifing of Kevin Rudd

Journalist Laurie Oakes:

“Is it true that Mr Rudd told you that night that he was working towards an October election because he knew issues like climate change needed to be sorted out?

Is it true that Mr Rudd indicated to you that if closer to the election polling showed he was an impediment to the re-election of the government, and if leading Labor figures such as John Faulkner agreed he was an impediment, that he would then voluntarily stand aside and hand over the leadership to you before the election.

Is it also true that you agreed this offer was sensible and responsible.

(Is it true) when the meeting resumed, you said you’d changed your mind, you’d been informed that he didn’t have the numbers in caucus and you were going to challenge anyway?”

"I have made it very, very clear that I will never be speaking publicly about my discussions with Kevin Rudd on that night," Ms Gillard said.