The AFP describes the internet as "a veil for a diverse array of criminality", including identity theft, fraud, cyber-stalking and child pornography.
Natasha Bita, Consumer editor
September 6, 2010

The Australian

CYBER criminals will target Australia's high-speed broadband network, police have warned.

The high-technology crime operations division of the Australian Federal Police has told a parliamentary inquiry it is working with other government agencies to "minimise the criminal exploitation" of the national broadband network.

"The inherent risk of the NBN is that it could facilitate the continual growth and sophistication of online criminal syndicates' ability to commit cyber offences against online systems due to the attractiveness of the increased speed," it says in a submission to the cyber safety inquiry.

"Increased bandwidth available via the NBN may result in increased bandwidth available for committing or facilitating computer offences." The AFP reveals that Australian government agencies are liaising with the NBN company to ensure small internet service providers are roped into the same licensing arrangements as bigger companies.

"The NBN will likely create an environment in which relatively small retail service providers operate offering a range of services including voice, data and media, internet TV, social networking, music, video messaging, games, text, email and internet browsing," the AFP says.

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