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Written by Daniel Shaw
Wednesday, 01 December 2010 02:53


The Australian Defence Force ran a series of operations overnight, the first at Rothschild Ave in Rosebery. At around 9.00pm, two Blackhawks swooped into position above a disused commercial building once used by the RTA.

Ground crews moved into position, seizing control of three entry points. The front door was cut in half by a chainsaw, the side entry was sledge hammered in, and finally in spectacular style, the first floor balcony window was blown in by explosives.

The shockwave from the blast could be felt from the filming position, causing the camera to vibrate.

A forth entry point was made into the building by utilising one of the helicopters. Commandos abseiled down a black rope and forced entry into the upper levels.

For the next 25 minutes the specialists worked their way from room to room. Clearing their way with flash-bang grenades.

At one point, the downdraft from the Helicopter rotors was so strong, it ripped off a “For Lease” sign and flung it into the air and into the building.

The operation concluded at 10.30pm with nearby residents left in shock.

NSW Police attended the scene and shut down nearby roads to ensure the public remained safe during the military exercise.

The second operation took place at around 1:00am near Waverton, where a ship was boarded and brought under control.

Many residents in both suburbs had no idea such an operation was taking place. The exercises are an ongoing training programme undertaken by ADF.