Credit goes to wearechangewa.com

Our basic stances:
We Are a "Green" group as much as any other so-called "Green" groups without the climate change scam. Our stance is that it's a shame environmentalism & "being green" has been so acclimated to apparently undeniable concerns about carbon emissions and their effect on Global temperatures and thus sea levels, when there are so many other at least equally important Global environment issues in the World today. We hope to show people that their impact on the environment doesn't anywhere near compare to the actions carried out by the very well funded military-industrial complex which calls for a new world order.

Our basic "Green" platform (also expanding as the issues arise)
·         Global Warming/Climate change fraud, which includes an Emissions Trading Scheme of any kind
·         Opposed to genetic modified organisms, clear labeling of GMO
·         WHO's Article 21
·         No pesticide, herbicide spraying of all kinds
·         Nuclear waste/mining/weapons/testing is not necessary
·         A ban on Bisphesenol A plastics

Our basic "Green" solutions
·         Certified Organic & Biodynamic growing and food
·         Alternative technologies
·         Biodegradable packaging
·         Recycling
·         Proper sustainability (not micro-management!)
·         Permaculture

Why We ARE Green
Thanks to the attempted consensus science on global warming/climate change by the mainstream media and political parties/movements, being Green only seems to evoke the one basic ideal: that different forms of pollution and carbon emissions are warming the planet as a whole, and that's the most pressing environmental issue to humanity at the present. WeAreChange WA strives to show that being "Green" not does have to include any specific eradication of carbon emissions from human living. Actually, there are so many pressing "Green" issues at the present that any perceived impact from humanity on the climate still pales into insignificance, when you consider the genetic medication of our ecosphere and the nuclear testing in our atmosphere carried out by the new world order. Throw in the amount of plastic in our oceans, and you have a provable environmental catastrophe on your hands.